Get the Benefits You are Entitled to After a Workplace Injury

Trust a workers' compensation law attorney in Fort Myers, FL

If you believe that you did not receive the benefits that you were entitled to after a workplace injury, you can trust an experienced and compassionate workers compensation attorney to handle your case. Attorney Brunner is willing to take on big insurance companies on your behalf when you have been injured in the workplace.

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Know Your Rights Under Florida Workers Compensation Law

As long as your injury happened in the scope of your employment, you should be receiving benefits. Attorney Brunner can provide top-quality legal representation for your workers' compensation case. Work accidents can range from an auto or truck accident suffered while on the clock, regardless of fault, to a broken bone or a fall.

Under the Florida Workers' Compensation Retaliation Statute, an employer can not coerce, discriminate, intimidate or terminate you due to your filing a workers' compensation claim. If you have experienced any of these things, following the filing of your claim, contact The Law Office of Stephanie A. Brunner, P.A. at 239-995-3455.